The seventeenth century Palazzo Brielli Castiglione is placed in the historical centre of the living unit in Tromello in Via Trento 2 and 4, next to the district called of “Melindrana”.

Tromello has ancient origin, as testified by the milestones of Costantino of 323 put down on the route Pavia-Garlasco-Tromello-Mortara.

The village was Royal Court during Counts Palatini of Lomello time. The Beccaria were the first liege lords of Tromello and again in 1444, Filippo Maria Visvonti confirmed the fiefs of Tromello and Borgo San Siro to Agostino Beccaria.

Considering the strategic position of the place, in an important crossroads, french and russian armies passed through the village from 1789 to 1814 and austrian and french-piedmontes armies during the first and second indipendence war.

The first, broken out in 1848, ended with the defeat of Novara where Carlo Alberto, King of Piedmont, was defeated by the austrian army led by General Radetzky. During the displacement of the troops in Lomellina, the General resided and set the command in Palazzo Brielli.

The “Domus in Contrada Melindrana” proprietary of Giovanni Maria Mazzoli in 1677 became property of Brielli’s family (dinasty most influencial in Tromello area), that will keep the

  property in the course of time expanding and modifying the building until to come to (year 2003) the current owner Paolo Castiglione.

The general state of preservation assumed a lack almost total of maintenance of the building and, after years of abandoning, the enlightened owner has ultimated a complex renovation work with an intervention of general conservative recovery on the whole property and, in particular, on the noble aspects of the consistencies (main façade, decorations, frescoes, etc.) of major value

The recent restoration of the building, lasted well five years, has returned to Palazzo Brielli Castiglione the ancient fascination and prestige, enhancing the structure through the sobriety and the accurate recovery of the materials.

The building of seventeenth century period is protected by the Board for Architectural and Cultural Heritage.

Who conceived these architectural shapes surely knew the method and the tradition of the citizen building and, even if interpreting it and simplifying it, has tresaured the lessons of the big architects of ‘500 that realized masterpieces like Palazzo Farnese (A. da Sangallo – Michelangelo), Palazzo Laterano (D. Fontana), etc. Look for example to the alternation of the windows at triangular eardrum, centred and linear.

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